微光製造 Shimmering Production

散發微光,從身體開始We create shimmering lights that might lit up other people’s lives.

捺撇 Beings, Photo by CHEN Wei-Sheng
From one to two, I see “I” through us.


This gem-like male-female Taiwanese duet puts some unexpected spins on the familiar twinned theme of love and loss.

Springback mangegizeDonald Hutera

The plasticity and musicality of the action are very concentrated, in the tradition of oriental poetry, like Haiku, in which the complex is compressed and synthesized, current and eternal, in the delicacy of the simple, the minimal.

erreguetéRevista Galega de Teatro Afonso Becerra

All about Beings


Beings, is the first episode of choreographer WANG Yeu-Kwn’s project, “A Trilody - Quest of Relationships.” Taking inspiration from the Chinese character “ 人 ” (person), the dance piece focuses on exploring a new way of looking at the narrative on relationships, deconstructing and reconstructing those between the two supporting calligraphy strokes, between two intimately connected performers, and between rice paper and ink.

“Beings” takes inspiration from the Chinese character “人 ”(person)
The dance piece touches on the relationships between the two supporting calligraphy strokes

The twists and creases of the paper, born of each dance step, bear witness to every trace of the past. As the ink flows from the dancers' bodies, everything is transmuted into an unerasable record and proof.

Shimmering Production extends the audience experience to an exhibition experimenting on the variations of the papers from the dance, and workshops applying the movements of the work.

島 Island, Photo by National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
Bodies are like vessels drifting with the waves of the ocean;
perhaps we will only begin to understand each other as we left our islands.


All about Islands


Islands, is the second episode of “A Trilody - Quest of Relationships.” Inspired by choreographer WANG Yeu-Kwn’s 2019 trip to Indonesia in search of a giant fish— the self identify.

WANG invites his long time friend, Danang Pamungkas, an Indonesian dance artist who once worked in Taiwan, to go on this search together. They will conduct a dialogue by exploring the cultural heritage hidden in each other’s body and movements in search of “who I am (who we are)”. The work will premiere in fall 2024.

Footsteps of
Shimmering Production

  • 2024

    Islands Taipei, Taiwan *PREMEIRE

    Islands London, UK

    Beings Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain

    Beings GUIdance Festival, Guimarães, Portugal

    A Step Forward New York, USA

    Hand in Hand, We Dance Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  • 2023

    Beings Yokohama Dance Collection, Japan

    Beings “Focus Taiwan” Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany

    A Step Forward Studio Architanz, Japan

    Islands residency at Kinosaki International Arts Center, Japan

    Islands residency at The Place, London, UK

  • 2022

    Beings Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival, Greece

    Beings Tanzkongress, Mainz, Germany

    Islands(work in progress) Taiwan Dance Platform, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, Taiwan

  • 2021

    Beings Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan (online)

    Beings Treasure Hill Light Festival, Taiwan

    Beings Triple awards winner at Yokohama Dance Collection, Japan

  • 2020

    Beings Taiwan Dance Platform, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, Taiwan

    BeingsGrantee of Young Stars New Vision, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan

Hand in Hand, We Dance

Hand in Hand, We Dance

Dancing with the public is a cherished opportunity for us.
Despite our differences, we can hold hands and dance together.
This consensus highlights the importance of dance as a value, and the memories of moving moments continue to spread warmth.

We believe in and strive to allow our bodies to glow, illuminating one another.

2019 Play Theater-
Youth Creative Workshop/ Dance

玩・劇場 青少年創意工坊/舞蹈篇 #National Taichung Theater#臺中國家歌劇院

Inhale and find the radiant body.


2020 Youth Ambassador Training Program
#National Palace Museum#國立故宮博物院

Open your mind and watch with your body.


2021 Play Theater-
Flip the modern dance of your imagination
#National Taichung Theater#臺中國家歌劇院

Creating imagination opens a new perspective of seeing dance.


2022 WEIWUYING 365+ DANCE, Jan. to Mar.
武營來跳舞 一月到三月
#WeiwuyingNational Kaohsiung Center for the Arts#衛武營

Lead your body in movement, you are about to start.


2022 Hand in Hand, We Dance

Through dance, we can talk and share about our world.


2022 Let's dance together at SCCP Taipei
#SCCP Taipei#松山文創園區

Step by step, hold hands, and find our dance.

覺察呼吸,感受情緒,串連由內在發展出來的身體符號, 使每個人能在其中與自我也與他人對話,牽起彼此的手, 大口呼吸,自在延展,跳出屬於自己的舞蹈風格。

2023 Let's dance together at Cloud Gate Theater
#Cloud Gate Theater#雲門劇場

2024 Xinying Arts Festival “Sweet Swing“

2024 Let's dance together in Longtian

2023 Germany Staatstheater Darmstadt

#Deutschland#Staatstheater Darmstadt

2023 Kinosaki International Arts Center